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Our Mission

We are all about developing fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ who GO to our neighbors with the message of Christ, GROW with our neighbors in the pursuit of Christ, and SHOW compassion to our neighbors with the love of Christ.

Our Vision

We believe the greatest expression of our love for God is to love our neighbors as ourselves. We believe that through the way we love our neighbors, we will be set apart in our community: we speak the truth in love, we declare the freedom found in Jesus, and we fight for unity in the midst of division. We love our neighbors so that they might come to know Jesus and grow in their pursuit of Him

Our Values

We love our neighbors and value finding ways to share the good news of Jesus with excellence. We value staying connected with each other as we become more like Jesus, and being generous any way we can with our time and finances.


  1. First Evangelical Free Church of Elkhart was birthed out of a Bible study in 1989 under the leadership of Pastor Tim Rowland. Their goal was to reach Elkhart County in new and fresh ways that no other church in the area was doing at the time.
  2. God blessed the vision of the church as it quickly outgrew Mary Beck Elementary and subsequently the old YMCA in downtown Elkhart.
  3. God provided a beautiful piece of property between Elkhart and Goshen where the church planted its roots as River Oaks Community Church.
  4. Under the leadership of Tim Rowland, River Oaks began to be known in the community as a church who valued outreach AND compassion ministries.
  5. River Oaks navigated its most significant season of transition in 2017-2018 as Tim passed the leadership baton on to a new, young leader and current Lead Pastor: Drew Richey. While the leadership has changed and the vision reinvigorated, the mission of River Oaks remains the same.
River Oaks Church Baptism


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